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L'Accueil pour Elle is a shelter for women who are victims of domestic violence in all its forms and for their children.


It was when we deconfined and we finally had the right to go and see our loved ones outside. I suggested going to see my sister in her yard. Right away, it was the storm, the looks of contempt, the discouraged sighs… as if I was really irresponsible for thinking about doing that. We didn't go in the end.

Women  |  24 years

Our mission

We house women in order to help them regain control over their lives and thus promote egalitarian relationships with the goal of social change.

Our values

  1. Respect

  2. Equality

  3. Solidarity

  4. Justice

  5. Commitment

Our story

Founded in 1975, the organization was initially a crisis center and shelter for anyone in need. In 1981, L'Accueil began to focus on the specific problems of women in difficulty, and then more specifically on domestic violence. L'Accueil owns a house that can accommodate up to 19 people and a Second Stage House with four units.

Our team

Our multidisciplinary team is composed of women who work in many different social and administrative fields. The interveners have studied the helping relationship in various related academic programs: social work, special education, criminology, sexology, etc. They join forces to offer you the best of each field, using the intersectional feminist approach.

24/7 emergency


Whether it's for yourself or someone you know, we're here to help.

450 371-4618 ─  24/7

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